Clara 2019

Clara Schumann, née Wieck

To celebrate the bicentenary of Clara Schumann in 2019, Reiko will be performing Clara’s music throughout her programmes. One special recital we have planned is ‘Clara Schumann: An inspirational life in words and music’.

Combining the music of Clara and Robert Schumann, together with other works that were some of Clara’s favourites, Reiko explores the life and work of this extraordinary woman – as child prodigy; as lover and wife to the flawed genius Robert; her later attachment to Brahms; and the resurgence of her career as a formidable concert pianist and tour de force of the musical world. Narration is created from Clara’s childhood diary, letters with Brahms, and Clara and Robert’s wonderful ‘marriage diary’, a joint diary which they began on 13 September 1840 (the day after their wedding).

‘It shall be a diary about everything that touches us mutually in our household and marriage; our wishes, our hopes shall be recorded therein; it should also be a little book of requests that we direct toward one another whenever words are insufficient; also one of mediation and reconciliation whenever we have had a misunderstanding; in short, it shall be our good, true friend, to whom we entrust everything, to whom we open our hearts…. Once a week we will trade the secretarial duties, exchanging the diary every Sunday.

This curated recital shows Clara’s life and the Schumanns’ relationship, unique in musical history, in a refreshing new light. As concert works and pianistic virtuosity are woven together with tales of domestic duty, we are able to hear Clara and Robert as they really are – musicians and lovers.

Throughout 2019, Reiko will also be exploring Clara’s performing career by including works that Clara performed throughout Europe as a child prodigy and travelling virtuoso in solo recitals, concertos and chamber music. These include Clara’s own compositions, as well as Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin and Schubert.

Our project aims to explore the wonderful pianist, composer, and woman that was Clara Schumann.

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