Toru's Mist


“Toru’s Mist is a kind of memorial to Toru Takemitsu, whom I met for the first time in Tokyo in the mid-1980s, and whose ability to reconcile (so-called) Eastern and Western sensibilities produced a subtle and moving synthesis. I have always had a sustained interest in Japanese culture, from practising judo as a teenager to studying written Japanese, and find Zen Buddhism the most coherent for of religion.

The combination of performers gives the instrumentation a unique flavour and supplies many of the musical ideas in the piece, and I sought to form a hybrid – rather than a fusion – from the individual elements. The ‘western’ piano and ‘eastern’ percussion form a single sound world, at times concentrating a great deal on resonance, while the shakuhachi and violin adapt to western norms, for instance in a series of quasi-baroque suspensions. The percussion instruments, with unspecified pitch, form part of Hirota’s multi-percussion set-up.

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The piano also generates selected overtones which accord with the shakuhachi’s tuning. As the shakuhachi is essentially a pentatonic instrument, from a given pitch (here D) I concentrate on those ‘open’ notes forming the essence of its normal tone. The piece’s chromatic world is often at odds with the instrument’s modal character but it constantly seeks to find an accommodation. The instrument can, of course, be completely chromatic but I use this element sparingly, either by implication or through inflection.

The title refers both to the sense of atmosphere and veiled recollection in Takemitsu’s music, and to the climactic conditions in the Western Isles which produce the single malts he and I enjoyed together.”

Gavin Bryars

Commissioned with funds from the PRS Foundation and South East Arts. First Performance at the Brighton Festival, 17 May 2001.

October 1st 2017
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2017/18 Concert Season preview

Reiko is delighted to announce her exciting plans for the 2017/18 concert season, with a look ahead to her special project "Clara 2019". Press release available to download here Click on the image below or click here to view in full screen
July 14th 2017
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The Travelling Clara

‘The Travelling Clara’ A trilogy of concerts spaced out over 2019, reimagining concerts of the virtuoso Clara Schumann as she travelled across Europe, performing the most significant piano concertos of the nineteenth century. 1) Clara in Leipzig Robert Schumann Piano Concerto in A minor. Clara premiered her husband's only completed piano concerto 1 January ...
March 8th 2017
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Clara 2019

Clara Schumann, née Wieck 1819–1896 To celebrate the bicentenary of Clara Schumann in 2019, Reiko will be performing Clara's music throughout her programmes. One special recital we have planned is 'Clara Schumann: An inspirational life in words and music'. Combining the music of Clara and Robert Schumann, together with other works ...
February 7th 2016
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Goldberg Project

In July 2016, Reiko will be embarking on her Goldberg Project. Over the next year, Reiko Fujisawa takes on JS Bach’s magnificent ‘Goldberg Variations’ BWV 988, and will perform this work across the country, in a variety of performance venues. Upheld as one of the greatest examples of variation form, the ...
February 7th 2016
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530,000 notes!

As my final concerts of 2016 are approaching, I can look back over an amazing few months. My Goldberg Project has been so wonderful. With seven performances of Bach’s Goldberg Variations across the country, I have performed in such incredible venues and met so many wonderful people. That’s over 530,000 ...


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