The Guardian
 “A beautifully poised performance”


The Times
“Her elegant playing… was a total joy”

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BBC Music Magazine      
“The highlight of this impressive recital is the unusually sombre reading of Schubert’s First Impromptu… and the Waldstein is charistmatic.”

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The ArtsDesk            
“Never breathless and the dynamics are carefully graded. Lovely, in other words; these readings capture the elusiveness of Schubert’s inspiration – superficially light music possessing bewildering profundity.”

“Fujisawa plays cleanly, crisply and with brilliant rhythmic drive… best is the understated, cool Sarabande, the incessant slow semiquavers never sounding academic. Sumptuously recorded too; this is an irresistible disc.”

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The Strad
“A prodigiously gifted and sensitive partner. The complex dreamworld of Walton’s Sonata was evoked with glistening richness… and Fujisawa gave delicate support.”

“Franck’s Sonata in A major was impressive….responding with vivid exuberance to Fujisawa’s lightness of touch.”


Musical Opinion
“Reiko Fujisawa… eminently displayed her romantic nature and dynamism… her use of the sustaining pedal and the strength of her left hand brought intensity and power with a rare richness of texture and emotional impact. Reflective insights gave way to extrovert washes of sound and at times an almost Lisztian ferocity. The twelfth Prelude showed splendid articulation and the Raindrop Prelude had a sense of lightness and air to it. This was a superb account of the complete cycle and amply demonstrated her control of nuances and deep insight into the score.”

“The second half comprised Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition. Given the delights of the Chopin it was no surprise to find Reiko Fujisawa revelling in the romanticism of the various textures and colours which the composer creates. There is a very good case for arguing that the piano version is superior to all the over-blown orchestral versions particularly when played as well as this.”

South Africa Recital Tour
“Romantic feeling and an obvious love for both the rhythmic drive and the declamatory gestures so typical of Spanish music.”

“A performance that showed a natural understanding for music of a romantic character.”

“Reiko Fujisawa was at her best in Cloud Atlas I, II, III by Toshi Ichiyanagi. Single notes, quick figurations, clusters, short motifs widely spaced all over the keyboard and beautifully utilising the specific colours of specific ranges, all the time creating exquisite effects.”